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Friends of the Square

They are honey-makers, vegetable growers, winemakers, scavengers, fish, snail, or poultry farmers. The one thing they all have in common is simple: they work incredibly hard to produce delicious ingredients !

From the garden

Les Loups’Bio
the veggie gurus
// Vegetables
(in particular their wonderful tomatoes)

Our buddy Laurent Berger
// Vegetables

the inspired picker
// Plants and wild herbs

A Friend Always Ready to Help
// Wine, etc. etc. etc. etc.

From the farm

Guillaume Verdin
the wild beast of Clavisy Farm
// Lamb, beef, veal, pork

Morgan Louche
Egg Man
// Hen and quail eggs

Johan Morand
and his amazing chickies
// Poultry from famous Bresse region

his feet always in the water
// Small fried fish from the Saone river, pike

Jean-Thomas Vuillard
Down by the Riverside
// Perch fish and frogs